The tide was low and I walked out and took this from a groyne on Eastbourne beach, Sussex.

Eastbourne Pier

My first visit to Eastbourne, Sussex I think. Unless I went as a very young child? This pier dates back to the Victorian period.

Second Thoughts

Away from the crowds at the Thames Festival in London were a number of performers getting ready for the night carnival. I just happened to catch this guy looking somewhat reflective to the on coming proceedings.

Helter Skelter

When I went to the Thames Festival I came across this Helter Skelter ride and as I was walking away from it I saw the top reflected in a near by mirrored window along the river.

Tree Of Fabric

I saw this along London’s South bank during a visit to the annual Thames Festival. Not sure if it’s permanent or just part of a temporary celebration but thought it looked intriguing anyway.


Walking along Palanga beach in Lithuania and I noticed this point where the sea merges in land.

Live Eat Love

Part of the interior design of a Giraffe restaurant in Gatwick airport, London.


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